My outing at Lough Key forest park.

Today I decided to visit Lough key forest park in Boyle to take some very good photographs there. I have been there many times before on family outings and with my Outreach group with the Brothers of Charity.

First I wanted to set up my tripod and telephoto lens at the lake to take some good shots of the boats, ducks, swans and the castle on the island. The photographs were very close up as I zoomed in very well on the far side of the lake.

Then we went for a walk in the woodland to take some photographs of the trees and the reflection of the tree branches in the water under the bridge.

Swan looking into the camera.

Mum and the swan.

I’m going to practice to get better at getting the horizon straight.

Here are some photos of the interior and the tower of the old church.

Looking up the tower from inside the church

I took photographs of trees with lots of branches on the way into the woodland walk.

The fairy bridge.
This is the castle on the island of the lake.
Line of trees in the woodland.

2 thoughts on “My outing at Lough Key forest park.

  1. Hej Josie 😊 I like very much to see your photos, especially those from the old church and the the beautiful wood 👍🏽

    Love Annika

    > 9 mars 2019 kl. 22:56 skrev Josie’s photos : > > >

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