Less Impact

I do a lot of things that create less impact on our beautiful world. During this COVID 19 pandemic there are less planes in the sky and less cars on the road. The air around us is cleaner than before the pandemic.

In the past I had to replace items such as handbags, headphones and shoes too often and that has a huge impact on the environment. Those items were low quality and they didn’t last very long. When I got fed up with having to replace those items often I looked at those items in higher quality so that they can last a very long time.

A brand called Fossil make very good quality handbags. I decided to buy a lovely Canvas bag with flowers on it from fossil that was second hand on Ebay. It is big enough to store a lot of things in it. It is much better for the environment to purchase items second hand instead of purchasing them new.

My very good quality handbag

Another item that I purchased second hand was a pair of very good quality boots called Doc Martens. They support my feet very well when I walk in them. They came from a charity shop.

A brand called Riekers make very good quality boots as well. I purchased these boots in a shoe shop in Athlone. They also support my feet very well. Now they will last me long and I don’t have to replace them too often.

A brand called Taotronics make very good quality over ear headphones. I decided to purchase these headphones for the environmental reason as well as for my sensitive hearing which I mentioned in my last blog. I got them off Amazon and I also got a hard case which protects them from damage.

I purchased a very good hairdryer off Amazon by a brand called Tresemme. It dries my hair very fast. I don’t use it in the summer because it dries out my hair and It is much better for my hair to dry naturally. I’m also not using any electricity for blow drying my hair either. It can be used to dry pieces of Art as well. I only blow dry my hair in the winter time.

Instead of using bottled shampoo I use shampoo bars to lather my hair. I’m using less packaging and they last longer than a bottle of shampoo. I don’t have to keep throwing any bottles away. I get my very good shampoo bars from a company called Lush. I also shorten my showers so I use less water.

The clothing industry has a huge impact on the planet so I only go shopping for clothes if I really need to. I try to buy them second hand as much as possible.

When I travel anywhere I try to use public transport as much as possible instead riding in a car. I can’t use public transport now due to the Coronavirus. I fly less often because planes emit many harmful carbon emissions in the sky. When I decide to go out with my friends I go carpool if possible so there are less cars on the road.

I have a game console called a Nintendo Switch. I buy and download all my games from the Nintendo eshop instead of buying game cartridges. By using this method of storing all the games I like I’m not using any packaging.

I eat some healthy vegetables from my garden as much as possible so I cut out the packaging and transport.

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