Lockdown survival

Everyone should keep themselves occupied during lockdown. I kept myself occupied during lockdown by doing lots of adult colouring in. I used gel pens and coloured pencils called Prismacolor in adult colouring books. Here are all the coloured pages that I have completed during this time. I listened to music on our home stereo system while I was working on these pages.

A very colourful horse done in gel pens
A fox done in gel pens
A squirrel done in gel pens
A hedgehog done in prismacolor coloured pencils
A blue chest done in gel pens

I have also decided to try out Watercolour pencils made by a brand called Castle Arts. I coloured in each section of these flowers with these pencils and then I added a little bit of water on a paintbrush to get the lovely watercolour effect.

I have an electric pencil sharpener that sharpens all my pencils in a few seconds. I found it amazing when it was my very first time trying it out. This pencil sharpener sharpens pencils to a very fine point. It is much better than a manual pencil sharpener. I couldn’t have one of these sharpeners when I was younger because of the noise of them.

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