Curious incidents in Sweden

I was born in Sweden on an island called Gotland and I moved to Ireland when I was five years old. I went back to Sweden for a few weeks almost every summer to visit relatives and my grandparents. While I was there, there were some incidents regarding my autistic behaviour. All the incidents didn’t happen in the same summer.

There were two incidents that almost happened but luckily they didn’t happen.

When I was in my granduncle’s house in Stockholm we had a meal together and I almost broke two of his lovely crystal glasses. After I said cheers I clunked two glasses very hard but luckily they didn’t break.

Once when my granduncle picked us up at the central station in the middle of Stockholm I was getting into his car, I swung the back car door open and I was very close to hitting an expensive Mercedes car. Mum had to catch the door before it hit that car.

A very big incident happened one night when I slept in my grandmothers guest room. Mum went out somewhere and my grandmother slept in the same room as myself and my sister. I was very nervous because mum wasn’t there so I said grandma grandma and I banged the wall with my feet most of the night.

Once when I went on my grandmothers computer on my own playing games and watching YouTube videos I accidently deleted some stuff that was important to my grandmother and step granddad as I couldn’t understand how to work a computer properly when I was younger. I had to be supervised next time I went on the computer.

In order to help myself improve my autistic behaviour on my holidays in Sweden I made up rules for visiting Sweden. I made a list of things that I wasn’t supposed to do such as Don’t swim where there is deep water on the beach, Don’t open any car doors in Stockholm and Don’t delete stuff when going on grandma’s computer. I also made up a star chart for when I broke those rules. There were one or more stars for each rule depending on how serious it was.

Once on the flight to Sweden I held my ears all the way as I didn’t like the plane engine noise and the ear popping sensation. Mum had to feed me a bag of crisps as I couldn’t take my fingers out of my ears.

I also enjoyed my holidays in Sweden even though those curious incidents happened. These four photos are to show that I enjoyed the summer there.

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