Effects of CBD Oil on my autism

I take CBD Oil twice a day everyday to help myself to reduce stress and symptoms of my autism. CBD will help everyone to feel calmer and help their brains to function properly.

Before I discovered CBD oil I always had healthy waffles with hemp seed, flax seed and carrots everyday for breakfast. The hemp seeds in my waffles contain Omega 3. A lot of people with special needs have a limited diet and they are only limited to foods etc. flour, sugar and starchy foods such as bread and potatoes. Those foods only contain Omega 6 and don’t have any Omega 3. CBD Oil has loads more Omega 3 and other beneficial compounds than my healthy waffles.

I have eaten thousands of these waffles before taking CBD.

CBD has helped me to concentrate more instead of getting distracted often. I can now concentrate on things better etc. road crossing, photography, household jobs and cooking.

Once at a parent teacher meeting the teachers were surprised and asked “What have you done to Josie as she is a lot calmer and she can concentrate better in class.” I passed every subject in the Leaving Cert and I got very good grades. Without CBD I would have felt more stressed out and worried about the Leaving Cert. I used to get very stressed out about tests in first year so I decided to call them question lessons so I could think about it like I’m just answering questions from a piece of paper and overcome my fear of tests.

CBD has helped me to stop overthinking about things when I’m doing them. When I think about things too much I get very confused on what to do and it doesn’t work out very well. I can do so many jobs better without overthinking about them so my thoughts don’t get in the way all the time.

Before I started taking CBD I used to get upset about noises such as car engines and loud fans. Now I can go on car rides that are longer than five minutes without using noise cancelling headphones. Since my mum started college in IT Sligo I go in the car to pick her up from Sligo on Friday and drop her back to Sligo on Sunday every other weekend as she comes home on the weekends. I limit my headphone usage and music time to the way back on Friday and the way there on Sunday so that I can chat with my stepdad when only two of us are in the car. I have gotten more used to the engine noise since I have been using that idea and taking CBD.

I can take long trips in the car without using these headphones. I don’t get so agitated in the car anymore when I don’t use them.

I have learnt that it’s not very good to wear noise cancelling headphones all the time in the car. If I get too used to noise cancellation I would become over reliant on the headphones and I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere in the car without them. The car windows often fog up due to condensation in the winter time. The A/C fan has to be on speed 4 to clear the windows. I came up with a solution to do something about the loud fan noise so that I don’t get upset. I found an old pair of wired earbuds because I go to places where I don’t bring my noise cancellers sometimes. My stepbrother got me into Motörhead so I listen to that music as it’s loud enough to block out the fan noise.

My decision making has improved since taking CBD. I have gotten very good at choosing music on the CD shelf and choosing movies on the DVD shelves in the shed. I just think about what myself and my family want to listen to on the stereo or watch on our DVD projector. I chose very good Christmas presents all by myself for all my family this year. I thought about what kind of stuff everyone likes.

Before CBD I was at this shelf for over half an hour trying to choose a CD.

I have been coping very well with this COVID 19 pandemic without getting too worried and upset about it. I found lots of nice things to do during the last two long lockdowns. Without CBD this pandemic would have been very difficult for me to cope with. I would have been more agitated by all the restrictions and having to stay at home.

I think CBD should be grown on government farms and be provided for everyone. It should also be provided on prescription for everyone who wants to take it instead of buying it every time one bottle runs out.

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