Harvested Potatoes

We started harvesting our potatoes that we planted in two of our potato beds on St Patrick’s day on the first week of August. We had three potato beds in total. While the potatoes were growing in April and May we covered the potato beds with some old poly tunnel plastic each evening to prevent frost damage from the late spring frosts.

The two varieties of potatoes that we have grown in the potato beds are Purple Majesty and Sarpo Mira. They both taste very nice. The Purple majesty potatoes are the best variety I have ever tried. They have a very strong flavour.

Boxes of Purple Majesty Potatoes

Here is a dinner that I made one evening with my Purple Majesty Potatoes. It is Purple mashed potato with some salad and sausages. My dinner plate wasn’t like this before I have gotten over my limited diet problem with my autism. When I was a child I only had mashed potato on my dinner plate but It wasn’t this colour.

We also gave small bags of potatoes to some of our friends and family so they could taste them too.

During the first week of September we harvested some potatoes that we didn’t plant this year. They grew in our onion bed this year which was last years potato bed. The two varieties of potatoes that we planted last year were Maris Piper and Kerr’s Pink.

We harvested lots of onions as well as potatoes.

During the third week of October we harvested our Sarpo Mira Potatoes from our last potato bed. I don’t think that we have to buy anymore potatoes for a very long time as we have so many now.

Mushrooms that grew on top of the potato bed.

We are storing our boxes of potatoes in the dark tunnel surrounding our roundhouse because if we leave potatoes in the light they will produce chlorophyll and turn green. They wouldn’t be safe to eat then.

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