My holiday in Sweden

I haven’t been to Sweden in 4 years before my holiday on the 19th of May to the 7th of June 2022. I went to Sweden with my family to visit my grandparents and relatives. I didn’t bother to bring my Canon digital camera with me because it is too bulky and it would have been hard for me to carry it around everywhere. I used my phone to take my photos in Sweden instead.

We flew with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) from Dublin to Stockholm Arlanda. I chose the window seat on the plane because I wanted to take photos of the views of Stockholm and the scenery when we were landing.

My grandmother and step grandad live in Slite on the Swedish island called Gotland. We took a few walks around the beach and the park in Slite when the weather was very nice and sunny.

Stony beach in Slite
Sandy beach in Slite

We also walked in a beautiful park in Slite when the weather was very nice.

There is a factory that makes cement in Slite. The name of the company is called Cementa AB. About 230 people work in the factory and there is a large number of subcontractors and transporters. There are a total of 430 people employed in the company. They produce different types of cement such as Construction cement for bridge construction, Bascement with a lower carbon footprint, Multicem for soil stabilization and Fast hardening cement for winter casting.

I helped my grandmother to cook meals often and these are two examples of dishes in the photos attached below. We made a rhubarb crumble and a potato gratin together.

I went to my grandad and step grandmas house in Stenkumla for three days. They have a Jack Russell called Charlie. Luckily he kept still when I got photos of him.

We stayed on Gotland for two weeks and than we went to the mainland on the ferry from Visby to Nynäshamn on the 4th of June. I got some photos of the views of Visby when we went outside on the ferry. The last three days in Sweden were spent in Stockholm before we flew back to Dublin.

Stockholm city has beautiful architectural buildings. We walked around a lot in Stockholm and we enjoyed the beautiful weather there.

This is a narrow alleyway in Gamla Stan (Old Town).

This is Molins Fountain in Kungsträdgården park in central Stockholm. The bronze sculpture on the fountain was designed by Johan Peter Molin in 1866. The sculpture contains the ocean gods called Aegir and Rán with their nine daughters. They are all listening to the river spirit Nix playing his harp. Molin put six swans at the base of the sculpture because critics called this fountain an object of luxury and he decided to placate them. The public could get drinking water from their mouths.

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