Beautiful scenery and cats in Sweden

While I was in Gotland, Sweden I went on many outings with my family to go on walks and look at all the beautiful scenery.

We went for a walk in a meadow called Boge Laxare in Slite. It is located close to my grandmother and step grandad’s house. Many trees such as hazel, oak, ash, birch, aspen and wild apple grow there. The whole meadow looked beautiful.

I enjoyed walking around Visby to get photographs of all the lovely buildings and alleyways. I also found some very old doors on two buildings. St Catherine’s church is in ruins. The construction of the church started in the 1250s and continued through the 14th century. It was never completed and it partially collapsed during the worship in the 1540s. 

We went on an outing to a cairn called Majsterrojr in Gotland. The cairn is about 33 metres in diameter and 4 metres high and it is dated to the early bronze age around 1800 BC to 1100 BC. It is surrounded with Bronze age graves, a burial mound with kerbstones and a line of stones that looks like the outline of a boat.

On the way back to my grandmothers house we saw a big barn with a thatched roof, a wooden carriage and a wooden boat.

We went on another outing to a beach called Hideviken. I saw the cement factory in Slite from a long distance over there. There are also lots of cliffs that surround the beach and there is a barbecue area where people can grill their food and relax.

On the first day we stayed with my great aunt called Karin for a day in Stockholm before we travelled to Gotland. She has a cat called Alfie. It took him a bit of time to get used to me and then he let me stroke him. He was shy at first.

My step grandad’s sister and her husband came to visit us in Slite and they brought their Maine Coon cat called Selma with them. 

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