My summer holiday in England

When I had my two weeks of summer holidays from my day service in Ballaghaderreen I went on a holiday to England for one week with my family from Tuesday 26th July to Wednesday 3rd of August. While I was there I took photographs of beautiful English buildings when I went on outings in Andover, Portsmouth, Southsea and Gosport.

The Town Mills traditional pub, Andover
The Angle Inn, Andover
George Yard building and alleyway
Street view in Andover
Town Mills, Andover
River with Town mills in the background, Andover
Line of beautiful houses in Portsmouth

This building is called Tony wood hairdressing with a clocktower. It is located in Portsmouth.

This house is a hotel in Gosport. This house was used as the officers mess of Grange airfield during World War 1 before it became a hotel.

I saw lots of geese at the river in Andover. I took photographs of the geese without going too close to them.

Swan in Gosport

Fort Brockhurst is a palmerston fort in Gosport. This fort was built in the 1850s and 1860s to protect Portsmouth and it’s harbour against a French invasion. It is an English heritage property now. I took a walk in Gosport and took photographs all around it.

We went to the Portsmouth international kite festival on the 30th of July. I saw lots of big kites such as sonic the hedgehog, turtles, bears, fish and many more. I made an amazing video of an octopus kite flying in the air with the tentacles moving in all directions.

This ship was the first ironclad hull and it was the first ship to have rifled barrels on the guns so they could fire twice as far as normal guns. Historians believe it stopped many wars for years. It had a steam engine and was rigged as a full ship. I came across this ship on the way to Portsmouth on the Gosport ferry

These are photos of the stony beach in Gosport. We went for a walk around the beach after we had fish and chips in the nearby park.

Texture of stones at Portsmouth stony beach.
Isle of Wight ferry called WightLink.
Stony beach, Portsmouth

This is the outside of the Museum of Navel firepower that is located in Gosport. There is a wide variety of exhibits ranging from the 18th century to present day.

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