Learning to use the Tripod and telephoto lens

For Christmas in 2018 I got a tripod in one of my presents for when I was going to get a digital camera. The positive aspect of the Tripod is to keep the camera still when you focus on a subject while taking photographs. I spent the last few days learning how to use it. I am always careful when setting it up so I don’t drop the camera. When I’m using a telephoto lens It feels like I’m looking through a telescope.

Today when it was nice weather with the sun shining I decided to go outside to capture some lovely shots of birds on the bird feeder with my telephoto lens so I can zoom in and take some close up photographs of different birds.

Here is some close up photos of a blue tit and a chaffinch.

When I saw my two cats hugging each other beside the doorstep I decided to get my camera out very quickly to get some shots of them together. They are brothers.

I really enjoyed being outside today and I will look forward to using my tripod and telephoto lens again very soon.