Spring in Isolation

I have been staying at home for three weeks now. I didn’t go to places away from home to take photos. Today I went out into my garden with my camera to take photos of leaves and flowers during springtime. Photography is helping me to get through self isolation.

During the weeks of self isolation we decided to put up a poly tunnel so we can plant vegetables.

This is a weaved willow fence.


I often go outside to play with my cats and I wash my hands afterwards.

I saw lots of daffodils in my garden today.

Testing out my new camera

I am a young adult on the autistic spectrum so I see, feel and hear things differently to most people. I just bought a new camera called a Canon EOS 200D and it is in very good quality. I have taken a lot of photographs on my smartphone but smartphone cameras aren’t that good. I decided to buy my digital camera in the Galway camera shop. I have been practicing in the garden with the camera taking very good photographs.

I took photographs of an old tractor, flowers, the ponds and my cats. They have come out in good shots.

I decided to zoom in very closely to the flowers to get the texture.

These are my cats who I love to spend time with.