Autumn Leaves and Butterflies

During the start of Autumn I found some Leaves and Butterflies. I find it very interesting how the leaves on the plants and trees in the Autumn change colour from green to red, yellow, brown and orange. Today I found some beautiful butterflies in the garden to take photos of.

Here are some of the photos of the leaves changing from green to brown.

There are lots of butterflies in our garden. They landed onto flowers today so I took some close up photos of them before they flew off.

Portchester castle

While I was in Gosport near Southampton in England I decided to visit Portchester castle. This castle is seen from Portsmouth harbour and it had a role in the defence from the stretch of the water. All the Romans, Normans and Saxons were protected from raiders and pirates in this location.

The castle has great for royal residence and It’s where armies departed off to the Continent. By the 17th century the castle became a prison.

This tower is called the keep and It is a great masterpiece of architecture on the castle. The thick walls are well presented with small cut stones. It was built on a square plan and the tower is about 30m high.

On the walls of the castle I found some lovely flints attached to them to take photographs of.

This is the drawbridge that goes into the gatehouse.
This design is the entrance to Richard ll’s Palace.
These are the four windows that are in the great hall.
This is the stairs that goes up to the top of the keep

These are birds on the second floor in front of the beams that were used for the prisoners hammocks during the Napoleonic wars

A close up image of one of the birds with some writing on it.
A birds eye view of the second floor.
A view of Portsmouth from the top of the keep.

This church is called Church of St Mary which is a building in the Outer Bailey. Weddings are so popular in there as you see the wedding couple in the photo. This church was part of the Augustinian monastery within the castle grounds.

These are the perimeter walls of one side of the outer Bailey.

This is the landgate which stands within the forecourt.
I couldn’t believe how high it was when I took this photo.

It is amazing how you can see the whole site of Portchester castle from a very high view.

Beautiful flowers and leaves

Now that it is almost summer time I decided to go outside in the garden to see lots of flowers growing in each bed. I really like all the colours of the flowers so I took lots of photographs close up to them. After it rained today I found some leaves with water droplets on them. I have photos of leaves with the most droplets that fell onto them.

Abandoned old buildings

One day when I went for a walk in the woods I discovered some old houses that have been abandoned from many years ago. They are mostly built from stone with some moss, ivy and tree branches growing on them.

The first stone house I discovered was an old forge that was once used for blacksmiths.

Then I decided to take some photographs of a wall with a lovely tree branch texture on a barn, a farmhouse and some parts of it.

forge entrance
The chimney above the forge.
A window in the big barn.
The corner of the barn
some stones sticking out of the broken wall.
Shelves built into the wall.
Between the barn and the house
Another building with animal shed below and hay loft above
A window into the animal shed.
Chimney on the old farmhouse.
The steps up to the hay loft.
A wooden door which might have been the entrance.
Two windows corresponding to each other.
A small window.

Down by the seaside

Today I decided to go on an outing with my family to Bundoran Beach in Co Donegal because the weather was nice and sunny. It was my very first visit to this county in Ireland. I took my camera with me to get some really good photographs. The trip to Bundoran was only 1 hour and 18 minutes from where I live.

First I took some shots of two cliffs and the green moss texture on the berms of the sand.

Here are a few of the samples of texture I saw on the cliffs.

This is the structure of the cliff that I zoomed in closely on for the textures.
Bundoran Town with the mountains in the background.

On the way to the other side of the beach I decided to take some more photos of textures of wood on the fence. I got a few shots with holes in the wood.

I also discovered a cave under the cliffs.

As we got to the bigger side of the beach I decided to take some photographs of the textures of sand, berms and waves.

The footprints in the sand to the water
The footprints in the sand back to the mountain

This fish was about 1 meter long
unusual wildlife

On the way back home we decided to go to Glencar waterfall in Co Leitrim. I got out of the car on the way up there to take photos of the mountains.

Unraveling Beauty

For the past few days I went outside with my camera to take some lovely photos of Ferns, buds and leaves. My camera has a twistable screen so I can point my lens at what I am taking a photo of and look down at the subject through the screen.

This leaf in the ground has a bite in it.
These two leaves look nice connected together.
This fern looks lovely with the mushrooms in the background.
I like this photo with the buds mixed with leaves.
I like this bud with the sticky sap surrounding it.
This is a picture of a brown fern in a pot.
The same fern a week later with the leaves growing.
I think this fern look like an alien.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my springtime photographs.

Barking up the right tree.

I also went on the outing to Lough Key forest park to take some photographs of different patterns of bark texture on the trees in the woodland walk. As I was walking I got so fascinated by how the textures would look like on my camera. I zoomed in very closely so I didn’t get anything else in the background.

I saw lots of different texture patterns of tree bark that looked very beautiful. Here are some samples of the best shots.

This one has lots of moss growing on it.
I like this one because the sticking out patterns are mushrooms growing on it.

My outing at Lough Key forest park.

Today I decided to visit Lough key forest park in Boyle to take some very good photographs there. I have been there many times before on family outings and with my Outreach group with the Brothers of Charity.

First I wanted to set up my tripod and telephoto lens at the lake to take some good shots of the boats, ducks, swans and the castle on the island. The photographs were very close up as I zoomed in very well on the far side of the lake.

Then we went for a walk in the woodland to take some photographs of the trees and the reflection of the tree branches in the water under the bridge.

Swan looking into the camera.

Mum and the swan.

I’m going to practice to get better at getting the horizon straight.

Here are some photos of the interior and the tower of the old church.

Looking up the tower from inside the church

I took photographs of trees with lots of branches on the way into the woodland walk.

The fairy bridge.
This is the castle on the island of the lake.
Line of trees in the woodland.