Less Impact

I do a lot of things that create less impact on our beautiful world. During this COVID 19 pandemic there are less planes in the sky and less cars on the road. The air around us is cleaner than before the pandemic.

In the past I had to replace items such as handbags, headphones and shoes too often and that has a huge impact on the environment. Those items were low quality and they didn’t last very long. When I got fed up with having to replace those items often I looked at those items in higher quality so that they can last a very long time.

A brand called Fossil make very good quality handbags. I decided to buy a lovely Canvas bag with flowers on it from fossil that was second hand on Ebay. It is big enough to store a lot of things in it. It is much better for the environment to purchase items second hand instead of purchasing them new.

My very good quality handbag

Another item that I purchased second hand was a pair of very good quality boots called Doc Martens. They support my feet very well when I walk in them. They came from a charity shop.

A brand called Riekers make very good quality boots as well. I purchased these boots in a shoe shop in Athlone. They also support my feet very well. Now they will last me long and I don’t have to replace them too often.

A brand called Taotronics make very good quality over ear headphones. I decided to purchase these headphones for the environmental reason as well as for my sensitive hearing which I mentioned in my last blog. I got them off Amazon and I also got a hard case which protects them from damage.

I purchased a very good hairdryer off Amazon by a brand called Tresemme. It dries my hair very fast. I don’t use it in the summer because it dries out my hair and It is much better for my hair to dry naturally. I’m also not using any electricity for blow drying my hair either. It can be used to dry pieces of Art as well. I only blow dry my hair in the winter time.

Instead of using bottled shampoo I use shampoo bars to lather my hair. I’m using less packaging and they last longer than a bottle of shampoo. I don’t have to keep throwing any bottles away. I get my very good shampoo bars from a company called Lush. I also shorten my showers so I use less water.

The clothing industry has a huge impact on the planet so I only go shopping for clothes if I really need to. I try to buy them second hand as much as possible.

When I travel anywhere I try to use public transport as much as possible instead riding in a car. I can’t use public transport now due to the Coronavirus. I fly less often because planes emit many harmful carbon emissions in the sky. When I decide to go out with my friends I go carpool if possible so there are less cars on the road.

I have a game console called a Nintendo Switch. I buy and download all my games from the Nintendo eshop instead of buying game cartridges. By using this method of storing all the games I like I’m not using any packaging.

I eat some healthy vegetables from my garden as much as possible so I cut out the packaging and transport.

Learning to cope in noisy situations

This is another blog about another part of my autism. I will get back into writing about my photography again in my next blog. When I was younger a lot of noises used to make me feel very anxious as I have a high sensitivity to noise. I can hear things louder than other people could. I don’t like noises such as fans, car engines, mixers, buzzing sounds, loud machinery, beeping sounds and hand dryers. I have gotten a lot better now at managing with these types of noises.

When I went to playschool in Ballaghaderreen we visited a fire station for a tour and I had to leave the group before all the noise started.

I went to Brusna National School in Ballaghaderreen and I had to turn on the CD player as I would get frightened if any noise went on without warning.

A few incidents occurred regarding noise in secondary school mostly in first year. I attended St Joseph’s in Charlestown.

Once I was travelling in my principal’s car and when she got out she left the A/C running on low just to clear the windows. When I waited in there with my friend and SNA I got distressed by the noise of the A/C and I asked for it to be turned off. My SNA turned it off for me.

When I was in the Science Lab I got agitated by the caretakers lawn mower outside the school and I lost a lot of my concentration. I had to be taken out of the class to calm down and wait until it was over.

Once when the fire alarm went off in the school I crouched down and held my ears to try and block the noise.

When I was little I couldn’t go into a public toilet due to the fear of the hand dryer. We couldn’t have a hoover for years as I would be very scared of it. When Mum had to run the blender she told me first, I went into the laundry room and covered my ears.

I didn’t like the extractor fan when we were cooking at home either. I had to be reminded that the fan was going to go on and I ran out of the kitchen.

I have made very good progress now. I can tolerate a hoover in the house, I can go into a public toilet without fear of the hand dryer and I don’t have to be told anymore when the blender is going to go on.

The car engine noise still annoys me a bit so I got a pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones. They have very good sound quality. There is plenty of Bass and a nicely detailed stereo sound in them. I can enjoy listening to my music without turning up the volume too much. Noise cancelling headphones work by a microphone that picks up the ambient sound and they generate a sound wave that is the exact negative of the ambient sound. The two sound waves cancel each other out and create some silence. I feel more comfortable in the car with my headphones on.

I took a lot of trips in the car without them as well to stop myself from becoming too dependent on noise cancellation. It’s only a five minute trip to town from home so I prepare myself before I go in the car so that I can cope with the engine noise for that length of time. When it’s a longer trip I enjoy my music and movies with the noise cancellation on.

Since I have improved a lot at coping with noise I am able to do a lot of jobs at home that involve noise such as hoovering, drilling and using an electric mixer for baking. I can dry my hair with my hair dryer without being too bothered by the noise.

I still get a bit frightened by very loud noises such as a chainsaw which is about 110 decibels. When the A/C in the car has to be on the highest speed to clear the windows I get a bit upset as It’s too loud for me. I always know that It’s not going to be on for very long. I don’t really notice the car A/C noise on speeds one and two.

My Limited Diet

This blog is a bit off topic. I usually write about my photography. It will very interesting to read about how I have gotten over one part of my autism. This will help other people with autism to try new foods. When I was little I used to have a very limited diet. I would only eat Pizza, Chips, Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwiches, Waffles, Rice cakes, Biscuits and Potatoes. I refused to eat other foods than the types I have just listed.

I had the ham and cheese toasted sandwiches everyday for lunch for nine years. I always had two sandwiches in one day so I have worked out the number of sandwiches that I have eaten on a calculator. The number of sandwiches is 6570. For a while I had to have them cut into 16 small triangles instead of four or they couldn’t be eaten. The crusts had to be cut off and the cheese couldn’t be oozing out.

I also had to have my pizza and waffles cut in almost the same way for a while. I had my pizza cut into small squares instead of slices. I had healthy waffles with grated carrots, hemp seeds and flax seeds and the waffle hearts were cut into thirds. The small pieces thing went on until my parents had suggested for me to try all those foods in bigger pieces.

When we went to our friends houses to eat lunch with them we had to take the sandwich toaster with us because I couldn’t eat any of their lunches. Our friends knew what I was like so they didn’t mind at all.

When I reached the ages 10, 11 and 12 I started to try new foods. When I started trying new foods I planned the dates on the kitchen calendar eg. Josie tries broccoli on the 13th of May. This method worked until I started attending a child services outreach programme in Boyle with the Brothers Of Charity one evening every week after school. While I was there I was taught a lot more about trying new foods by my outreach worker.

For dinner during the outreach evening after school my friends and I took turns choosing what we wanted to eat for dinner once a week. First I chose ham and cheese toasted sandwiches and chips for dinner then I was taught that It is nice to eat the same thing as everyone else instead of having a special food every time. When one of my friends chose a food for the next weeks dinner that I have never tried eg. spaghetti bolognese I was given homework by my outreach worker to try that food before my next evening of the outreach programme.

I was also taught at home that it was nice to eat the same thing as my family instead of eating a special food. I tried foods such as rice, salads, curries and stir fries. I still had to get out of eating my toasted sandwiches all the time. Each time I went into a restaurant with my brothers of charity group my outreach worker found me always picking those sandwiches and she told me to try something else.

Now that my diet has gotten a lot better I can eat almost everything. We don’t have to take the sandwich toaster with us anymore to our friends houses. I always eat the dinners that are served to me.

Although I ate different kinds of dinners I still ate my sandwiches everyday for lunch. During the COVID 19 Lockdown I got more out of eating the same lunch everyday. We didn’t have the ingredients for my sandwiches as we were self isolating. I just forgot about them and ate different lunches such as salads and soups for three months. I was doing very well. Although it is very easy to get back into eating the same lunch everyday I will stop it from happening again.

Bog fire

One evening I saw a bog fire that was down the road from my home. I got very excited to go there to take a look at it and take some photographs of it.

The fire looked very nice as I took photographs of it surrounded by trees and bushes.

I also decided to look at the flames and smoke going up in different shapes.

The next morning after the bog fire I went down the road again to see what the fields looked like.

Bud Blog

While I’m still in self quarantine I went out into the garden to look for buds on trees and plants for the past few days. I found some very nice buds to post on this blog.

This is a collage of the same buds at different angels.

I’m giving you lots of photos to enjoy looking at because of Lockdown.

Spring in Isolation

I have been staying at home for three weeks now. I didn’t go to places away from home to take photos. Today I went out into my garden with my camera to take photos of leaves and flowers during springtime. Photography is helping me to get through self isolation.

During the weeks of self isolation we decided to put up a poly tunnel so we can plant vegetables.

This is a weaved willow fence.


I often go outside to play with my cats and I wash my hands afterwards.

I saw lots of daffodils in my garden today.

My 21st on Lockdown

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic I had my 21st birthday party during the time when Ireland is on lockdown to fight the virus. I got some lovely presents as a surprise because I thought that I wasn’t going to get any presents.

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I got a lovely knitted blanket from mum which matches the wallpaper in my room. I can sit with the blanket wrapped around me when I’m watching films.

I also got six pairs of socks.

I had a tournament with a memory game from IKEA called Lattjo with my family.

For my dinner I ate homemade pizza and it was very tasty.

In the evening I watched a few episodes of Doctor Who on the projector we have recently bought on Amazon. It has a bigger screen then on a TV and it is also better for my eyes.

Happy Birthday Banner

Cork Butter Museum

Another place that I have visited during my holiday in Cork was the Butter Museum. It was very interesting to look at all the objects used to make butter.

I saw some butter churns, boxes and prints.

Butter Barrel
Butter Working Table
Butter Barrel
Rotary butter churn

Here are the butter boxes. They have information on where they came from

Bog Butter
Keg of Bug Butter

Here are the boxes that are used to store the butter.

A box with wool for knitting

I liked all the butter prints. Here are my two favourite prints.

Cork City Gaol

When I was on my holiday in Cork I visited a heritage centre called Cork City Gaol. While I was in the Gaol I saw models of prisoners that were locked up in cells in the 19th and early 20th Century.

outside wall of the Gaol
West Wing

In the west wing there was a warder who kept an eye on all the areas. There are two original cell wings on the left and right sides of the great circular drum Gallery.

Line of Cells in the west wing.

The man on his knees was called Thomas Raile. He had a four month sentence because he stole books and other articles. He is praying with a protestant called Chaplain Rev Nelligan.

This is a cell to try out to see what it is like to be a prisoner. Thankfully I didn’t get locked up in there.

This is James Burns alias Henry White. He was sentenced for six months because he conned a number of shop owners into delivering a set of new clothes and a fine leather luggage to a hotel. He attempted to flee cork before the bill was paid. He got caught just before the 10.10 train was going to leave for Dublin and he got arrested with the goods.

Here is 16 year old Mary-Ann Twohig who gave birth to her son in the Gaol hospital just one month into her two month sentence. She stole a mans cloth cap with some other clothing and kitchen utensils.

Mary McDonnell was a prisoner for neglecting her children and for beating one of them while she was drunk. She was sentenced for one month while her children were sent to the workhouse.

Here is Countless Markievicz. She was sentenced for four months for delivering a seditious speech at Newmarket. she warned her audience against British authorities. In the Cell she is writing a letter to her sister about her cell conditions.

Gaol Graffiti that was written on the walls.

This is 10 year old Julia Twomney sitting on her cell floor. She was sentenced for 14 days for attempting to steal a bellows from a shop on Georges Qauy.

Edward O’Brien was sentenced for three weeks because he stole a couple of brass ball cocks. He had twice-weekly whippings.

Dr Beamish treated 80 to 100 sick patients who were admitted to goal hospital each year. The diseases were typhus fever and smallpox. He is standing there with his medical bag in his hand. A Gaol warden accompanied him.

Governor John Barry-Murphy sat at his desk writting his papers in The Governors office. He Governed in there between 1856 and 1873.

The Gaol became home to Cork’s first radio station called Cork 6CK a few years after it closed in 1923.

Cork City

I recently went on a holiday to Cork City for one weekend. It was my very first time to Cork as well. While I was there I visited some attractive places.

First when I explored the city I got some photos around the city of Beautiful Architectural Buildings.

Side of Cork city Courthouse
Cork city Courthouse entrance and architecture
River Lee Cork

In Fitzgerald Park I saw shoes hanging in trees, a large ponds with some ducks and a fountain.

When I visited Cork Public Museum to take a tour around the exhibitions I was allowed to take some photos without flash mode on. The most interesting object I saw in the museum is the gypsy Wagen.

Horse with photographs on it.
Wheel of Gypsy Wagen
Stairs of Gypsy Wagon with horses

I visited Shandon Bells and tower at St Anne’s church. I had to wear ear defenders for this tour as the loud ringing bell could damage my hearing. To get to the top of the tower I went up a very narrow stairs. Once I reached the top I could see views of cork city from all around.