Watercress Line

I haven’t written a blog in over a week as I went on a holiday to England to see some relatives and friends. While I was there on my holiday I went to Watercress Line which is located in Hampshire for my very first chance to go for a ride on a steam train. The four train stations located there are Alton, Medstead and Four Marks, Ropley and Alresford.

First the drivers of the train let me go up to the steam engine to get some photographs of the fire and all the controls. It was very hot from the fire while I was up there.

I was very excited to go onto one of the carriages and the whole interior felt like The Hogwarts Express in Harry Potter. I looked out the window and I took photos very quickly of other trains and carriages as the train moves very fast.

Normally I am sensitive to noise and I can’t tolerate certain sounds. While I was riding in the train I really enjoyed listening to the engine noise and the choo choo sound of the steam. It was a very nice sound to listen to and I didn’t bother listening to music.

I also got photos of the wheels, parts of the different stations and the whole train from the middle of the crossing bridge.

Ticket box and door into station.

Towards the end of the steam train tour I was allowed to go up to the signal box where they change the signals.

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